Pocatello to West Yellowstone

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There are a few ways to get to the Western entrance of Yellowstone National Park, and this is the quickest with the most developed rest areas, restaurant & hotel options, RV parking, and other travel ammenities. It also has some family attractions along the way, including Hells' Half Acre lava fields and Bear World. There are more scenic routes that take you through some remote areas of Eastern Idaho, but this route is best for those who are either trying to make the best time, or require the most options for travel accommodations.

  • Distance 163 miles
  • Aprx Time 2 h 37 min
  • @ Speed 62 mph
  • Min altitude 4,426 ft
  • Peak 7,087 ft
  • Climb 3,980 ft
  • Descent 1,909 ft

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