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911 (the trail)

This is a fun and quick downhill (connector) you can take from the side of City Creek Road to right above the women’s prison area. From there, you can either continue downhill to the road below (S. Grant) or traverse ... Read More

Corral Creek

This is an amazing downhill ride that will put a smile clear across your face. The trail is open to motorized vehicles but doesn’t get heavy traffic. It is mostly forested with a gnarly rock patch shortly after you start ... Read More


Head through the gate and prepare yourself for a fun flowy downhill trail. It carefully guides you along the bottom of a juniper riddled gully until you come out at Fremont street. You’ll hardly know you are on the ... Read More

Dairy – Short Loop

You can access this trail from either side, off of Black Cairn on the South side or from Sandy Ln on the North side. This trail travels either way and traverses one of the hills on the west bench. It ... Read More

Sap Tree

Shaded and mostly conifer forested, this single track follows the creek up until you get to a huge pine tree that is oozing sap. There is also a log bench someone created, which makes for a fun trail feature

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Slate Mountain to Gibson Jack – Loop

This beautifully maintained, mostly single-track trail will give you great exposure to the high desert forests of SouthEast Idaho. You’ll encounter sage and junipers and as you gain elevation, you’ll ride through aspens and pines. There are a few rocky sections but ... Read More

Sterling Justice Trail

This track connects Cusick Creek and Gibson Jack, and has some great lookout spots over Pocatello and the West Bench. There are several options on the Cusick Creek side to connect with the City Creek Trail System also.

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Scout Mountain Ultra-35K

Part of the Scout Mountain Ultra Races, These are difficult mountain races and will certain provide plenty of adventure and challenge for those lucky enough to get a spot. Held the first weekend of June every year here in Pocatello ... Read More

Valve House Trail - Pocatello

Valve House

Undoubtedly one of the most popular trails in the East Mink Creek trail system. Park at the West Fork Mink Creek Trailhead.

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CrestLine Trail - Pocatello

Crestline Trail

This route starts from the Southern end of the trail, so the majority of the trail is descent. Views consist of rocky ledges, green-faced hillsides and high desert sage brush.  The trail follows through abundant forested areas for shade. In ... Read More


Cherry Springs – Loop A

A short stroll into the woods more suitable for families with small children, elderly, or special needs individuals. There is a bench along the trail to rest in the shade and a primitive restroom facility at the parking lot.

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City Creek – Over The Top Loop

The main City Creek Trail gains almost 1,000 feet in elevation from the Grant Street Parking Lot to the last connection with City Creek Road. While the difficulty level of this trail system is graded with the “average” hiker or rider in mind, beginners should use caution ... Read More


City Creek Road to base of Rock Knoll

  • On the benches and mountains surrounding Pocatello and the Portneuf Valley are thousands of acres of Public Land. The Portneuf River runs through Pocatello, with beautiful stretches for floating above and below the City.
  • Access is gated to motorized ... Read More

Chinese Peak – Barton Road

This dirt road leads to one of Pocatello’s best scenic overlook areas, with the ability to see over the South Valley area of town & the Portneuf Gap on one side and an expansive view of the Caribou National Forest ... Read More

Edson Fichter Nature Area-Pond Loop

Edson Fichter Nature Area – Pond Loop

A slight turn from the Greenway will lead you to a wonderful nature area along the Portneuf River, with a fishing pond, docks, and plenty of side trails to peruse at your own pace. This pathway is a combination of ... Read More