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Recurring Events: Events with the same details, but happening on multiple days. Once live, details may be edited individually (per day) or as a whole.
Examples: "The 7th, 8th and 9th" or "The 3rd Tuesday of the month" or "Every Wednesday".

Spanning Event: A single event that goes from one date through another date. There are no "ending" dates in between. Example: "Spring Break", "Cancer Awareness Week", "Bike-to-Work Month".

Regular Events occur on one day.

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If you don't see the location for your event(s), you may need to log in and add it. Please inquire as to how to become a regular event contributor, and to create new event locations yourself.

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Sometimes events don't have exact locations. For a Pocatello-wide event, simply choose "All Around Pocatello". For other special location circumstance, please contact us for instructions.

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Event Organizer Phone: A phone number for the organizer, not the event itself
Event Organizer Website: A website for the organizer, not the event itself
Event Organizer Email: An email address for the organizer, not the event itself

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